Judge Will Not Deport Refugee Who Beat Wife With Hammer

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A Pakistani refugee who beat his wife with a hammer after she allegedly forgot to cook him dinner will be allowed to remain in the country.

Mohsin Akram, 21, was jailed for repeatedly beating his wife, Mariam Hussain, 20, while he was intoxicated.

According to the Daily Mail, Akram beat Hussain first with one hammer, then with two. He shouted at her, “you’ve had your chance to be a good wife,” while she reportedly begged him to stop beating her.

Hussain said that Akram treated her as a prisoner in her own home, forbidding her from leaving the house alone and preventing her from owning a mobile phone or using the internet. The couple met via Facebook and married so that Akram could get a visa.

The brutal assault came after months of abuse toward Hussain. She told a court that she was “bruised all over” following the attack.

After 10 minutes of being beaten by Akram, Hussain was able to escape and call for help. When she ran out of her first floor apartment, she pleaded with three girls for help. The girls hid Hussain in a doorway before calling police.

According to Metro, one of the girls who helped Hussain said, “Even though it was night-time, we were stood underneath an outdoor light and could clearly see she had cuts and a bruise on the side of her hand.”

When police arrived at the scene, they found Akram pacing up and down the street, saying that he was looking for his wife. Akram had filed a missing persons’ report for Hussain prior to police arriving.

Hussain was taken to the University of Wales Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

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Akram was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court to 15 months in jail after pleading guilty to Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm, or ABH, and criminal damage. The judge ruled, however, that Akram could remain in Britain following his sentence.

The court heard details about the night of the attack. It was revealed in court that Akram returned home from a night out in a drunken rage. Hussain was asleep when Akram returned home.

“The prosecution say he was expecting her to have made him food,” said prosecutor Stephen Donoghue. “That was the genesis for the argument that ensued. The prosecution say he completely lost his temper and started to talk about teaching her a lesson, how to be a good wide. He then picked up one of the hammers and began hitting her, she put her arms above her head to protect herself.”

Donoghue added, “The prosecution say that she was pleading with him to stop, telling him that he was hurting her. He said, ‘you’ve had your chance to be a good wife.’”

The assault was not the first time Akram attacked Hussain. In 2015, he was convicted of battery after assaulting his wife and was given a community order.

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