San Diego Student SUES SCHOOL For Failing To Stop Her From Protesting

A University of California, San Diego student, Maria Ana Carrola Flores, is suing the school for failing to stop her from protesting President Donald Trump, a decision she says led to her being hit by a car on California’s I-5 freeway.

Flores was one of a number of students, the College Fix reported, who spent the day after election day in 2016, wandering around campus shouting anti-Trump slogans. At some point the “Library Walk” event became a larger protest and the group of students stormed a freeway on-ramp in an attempt to block traffic to make a statement against the president.
Flores was one of the students who locked arms on the freeway, but a car swerved around the blockade and hit her, breaking her leg and pelvis.

Sullivan claimed that Flores’ injuries will cost millions of dollars in medical treatment throughout her lifetime, and argued that UCSD is partially responsible for her damages because the school failed to stop the demonstration, The Guardian reported.

“We think it’s a case of shared responsibility of the school, Maria and the driver, and we’re not saying that anybody is without fault or fault-free,” Sullivan told the Los Angeles Times. “We think other people bear some responsibility as well.”

Sullivan alleged that UCSD knew the demonstration was going to occur and chose not to stop it, The Guardian reported.

Sullivan said that the university showed support for the demonstration – simply by their failure to act against it.

He also said that UCSD failed to warn Flores that no one was providing security at the demonstration.

“It’s a long-established rule that a university or any public entity has a duty to protect their students and have them be safe,” Sullivan told The Guardian.

The lawsuit requests compensation for attorney fees, court costs and unspecified damages, the Los Angeles Times reported.
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