Restaurant Owner Posts Sign That Offends Muslims, Refuses To Apologize Or Take It Down

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, people on either side of the political fence are more heated and passionate than ever before. Because the election split the country down the middle, Democrats and Republicans are fighting each other fiercer than ever before. And many people are making their brick and mortar businesses bastions of political debate. Signs are popping up all over the country that are either Anti-Trump or Pro-Trump. And while people on both sides of the fence are getting offended by these signs, one restaurant owner from Lionsdale, Minnesota is refusing to take his sign down. And a lot of people agree with him.

After the terrorist attack in St. Cloud resulted in 10 innocent people being stabbed while they shopped in a mall, this Minnesota businessman decided he wants all his customers to know that he is taking the only action he knows to do – ban all Muslims from his store.

Just days after the terrorist attack last September, then FBI director James Comey admitted that the man behind the stabbings was influenced by foreign terror organizations.

“It does look like at least in part [Dahir Adan] was motivated by some sort of inspiration from radical Islamic groups,” Comey told the House Judiciary Committee. “Which groups, and how, we’re not sure of yet.”

Because the man was linked to foreign terror groups, the Minnesota restaurant owner posted a sign banning all Muslims from his shop.

The sign reads: “Muslims Get Out” in big, bold letters. Below it, the sign reads, “In Support of St. Cloud.”

The terror attack occurred on September 17, 2016. The man went around asking each victim if they were or were not a Muslim before he stabbed them.

The restaurant owner of Treats Family Restaurant posted the sign out by the road. Not long after he posted the sign in front of his restaurant, a group of people stood in front of the family restaurant protesting it because they saw the sign as an example of anti-Muslim propaganda.

One of the protestors, Payten Estepp, talked to the Lionsdale News Review and said, “I do not agree with their sign. It’s not Muslims. It’s ISIS. That’s blaming a whole group for something one person did. I saw a picture of the sign on Facebook and thought, ‘That’s not Ok.’”

Another protestor, Samantha Wilson agreed, “I’ve lived here for 24 years and that sign is the exact opposite of the family values that restaurant claims to have. I believe in freedom of speech but stereotyping based on religion is ridiculous.”

Dan Ruedinger scoffed at the protestors. He refuses to take down his anti-Muslim sign.

“I am not talking about the Muslim population in general,” he told KARE. “I am talking about the Muslim extremists. I am sure there are far more good Muslims than there are bad, just like there is with any other race. The only reason I didn’t put extremists on the board is because I didn’t have room on the board for it.”

Do you think he should take the sign down or leave it up?

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